Planked Bath Panels

Experience Unparalleled Luxury with AQUACLOAK Exclusive Planked Style Bath Panels

Introducing AQUACLOAK's Exclusive Planked Style Bath Panels, a testament to superior craftsmanship and distinctive design. Elevate your bathing sanctuary with the exclusive allure of planked detailing, offering a unique and luxurious touch to your bathroom decor. Carefully curated for those who seek sophistication beyond the ordinary, these bath panels seamlessly blend contemporary aesthetics with timeless charm. Choose AQUACLOAK Exclusive Planked Style Bath Panels to indulge in an exclusive bathing experience, where each panel reflects a commitment to unparalleled quality and an unwavering dedication to creating a space that radiates opulence.

New ! Planked bath Panels, two horizontal lines break up the normal plain flat surface of the bath panel and give almost a modern / nautical feel to the bathroom. Available in all colours, sizes and wood finishes.

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